The Facebook Fakers


Out of 1.3 billion Facebook accounts, 170 million are fake. Using mored than one account is technically breaking Facebook law: Only one account is allowed per user. According to Facebook’s 2014 annual report, 4.3 to 7.9 percent of accounts are duplicates. Misclassified profiles—created on behalf of businesses, pets, or organizations—account for .8 to 2.1 percent of Facebook usage. And .4 to 1.2 percent of accounts are “undesirable”: they belong to hackers, spammers, and softwaregenerated fake profiles from various companies. The damage caused by these impostors is serious. Hackers can get into your profile, falsify your personal information, then move on to do any number of creepy things, including:

  1. Mining for cell phone numbers of the affected profile and friends
  2. Monitoring status updates to track when someone is away from home
  3. Stalking someone
  4. Spamming the entire friends list with virus-laden links
  5. Creating other Facebook profiles modeled after friends to hack into more accounts
  6. Collecting information for identity theft

What Should You Look For

  1. Forty-three percent of fake accounts will never update their status, as opposed to 15 percent of real Facebookers.
  2. Nevertheless, fake profiles tend to have an enormous amount of friends—about six times more than the average user.
  3. Fake profiles tag many more people in photos than real people—about 136 tags for every four photos instead of just one (which is the average for real users).
  4. Fake profile photos also tend to be more glamorous—they’re often drawn from stock photography, as opposed to authentic shots with friends or family.
  5. Sixty percent of fake profiles identify as bisexual, and 97 percent are women—or so they say.
  6. Sixty-eight percent claim to have graduated from college.
  7. Location is a factor as well—fake accounts tend to indicate that they’re from countries where Facebook hasn’t yet caught on, such as Indonesia or Turkey.
  8. If someone’s really trying to hack into your profile, they’ll often mirror your likes and interests in the hopes of starting a conversation.
  9. Facebook’s Community Standards guidelines, the company  will disable any fake profile it finds and wipes all of its information from public view, yet doesn’t completely delete the account.
  10. What to look out for

Go Set A Watchman

Snapshotpink bag3_001

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Readers complained that there were missing paragraphs and sentences in Harper Lee’s book “Go Set A Watchman”. According to publisher Penguin Random House, the misprint occurred after an error at the printers resulted in six pages towards the end of the UK edition having missing lines. Replacement copies are currently being printed. Many of the misprinted books were sold through Amazon, which sent an email on Wednesday to all customers who had purchased Go Set a Watchman and offered to replace all books with missing text free of charge.

Shoe & Bag Trends 2015

Christmas bauble minaudières at Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Ulyana_Kristy Sparow/Getty Image

Christmas bulb type of handbag

A manicured hand clutch at Schiaparelli’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Catwalking/Getty Images

The clutch has actual painted fingernails.

Ice cream cone clutch at Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection


Origami-like shoes at Chanel’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/WireImage

Embroidered booties at Fendi’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Venturelli/Getty Images For Fendi

Perspex wedge heels at Maison Margiela’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Getty Images

Furry “pom pom” heels by Christian Louboutin at Ulyana Sergeenko’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Kristy Sparow/Getty Images

Gladiator sandals at Valentino’s Fall 2015 haute couture collection

Getty Images

Go Set A Watchman

Snapshotpants navy3_001

Incredible timing in the release of Harper Lee’s novel. With all the racial strife , murder, and inequalities still happening in 2015. The Guardian has presented a excerpt from Go Set A Watchman

Read The Interactive Chapter Here

For thus hath the Lord said unto me, Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.

Didier Ludot Puts 160 Items On The Block @ Sotheby


Didier Ludot Paris’s vintage guru, has always avoided selling pieces from his private collection. Next week, Ludot will put 160 items on the block at Sotheby’s in Paris. “Only imbeciles never change their mind!” he quipped as a handful of friends and fans gathered upstairs at Sotheby’s the other night to catch a glimpse of the first 20 dresses he put on mannequins. Ludot sees his sale, “Rencontres Couture à Paris” [Couture Encounters in Paris], as an homage to all the women whose elegance and chicness made him want to get into the business in the first place. That list includes women like Catherine Deneuve, Mona Bismarck, Loulou de la Falaise, Julianne Moore, Bettina Graziani, and the Duchess of Windsor, to name just a few of those whose pieces Ludot selected for the sale.  The oldest dress is a modern, champagne-colored damask satin tunic made by Paul Poiret for his wife, Denise, in 1924, a piece Ludot reckons cost the equivalent of €20,000, or about $22,400, in its day. (It is expected to draw around $2,000 at auction.) Among the most recent: the Prada peacock feather cocktail dress from 2005. (The high price is $1,700.) Ludot still has no idea how many more pieces he owns. He says he doesn’t want to know. It’s a world that doesn’t exist anymore that I like to hide away in,” he says. He’ll have ample opportunity to keep doing so: In the near future, Ludot will begin organizing sales of haute couture creations for other sellers.

Rencontres Couture à Paris de la Collection Didier Ludot” goes on view July 4 at Sotheby’s, 76 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, eighth arrondissement. The auction will be held on July 8.

Rihanna’s Company

Rihanna’s company, Roraj Trade, LLC filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademarks Office for her upcoming brand, under the controversial name — $chool Kills.

Rihanna, 27, is in the process of launching herself as a serious fashion designer – starting with an accessories line. Her company, Roraj Trade, LLCAn filed application last month at the US Patent and Trademarks Office by Rihanna’s company, for a new brand, $CHOOL KIlls.’ It was registered and trademarked in New York on 11 May under the category of ‘leather products’ and ‘clothing products.’

A close source told Grazia: “$CHOOL KIlls will be an accessories range covering everything from tote bags to purses, and later on, fashion. She still loves the music, and it’s what launched her, but this is her focus right now.”

Rihanna is also the first black woman to be the face of Dior

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Serena Williams Invests In The Hair Business


Hair is a $US 5 billion market in the United States. Market research from Mintel estimates six out of 10 black women wear a weave or a wig.

The hair goes through a process.Women in India sell their hair to buyers from China, who treat and package it, then sell it to primarily Korean distributors.Those distributors in turn, sell to Korean-owned beauty supply shops in the U.S., who then sell it to primarily African American women,” explained Ben Horowitz in a blog post, an investor from Andreessen Horowitz, who is leading a $US10 million investment round in Imira’s company,Mayvenn

Women who want hair extensions can’t typically walk into a salon and pick out the the hair they want, having to go to a beauty supply store instead.Imira said 95 per cent of African-American hair stylists can’t afford to keep the inventory on hand because of how expensive the natural hair is and the low amount of cash they have on hand to spend on it.This is where Mayvenn steps in. Mayvenn, which is Yiddish for trusted expert, lets hair stylists set up their own ecommerce sites and sell hair directly instead of referring customers to other beauty supply stores or distributors. The stylist doesn’t have to keep any of the hair on hand because Mayvenn ships it to them in two to three days, then offers a 30-day return window if the stylist or the client doesn’t like it.


FAshion Queen of Qatar

HH Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned is a Fashion Queen and a trend setter. The Sheikha’s style is classic,the Sheikha is also highly involved in Qatar’s government.

As the second of the three wives of Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, former Emir of the State of Qatar, Madame Mozah surely has the resources to fund her infamous majestic wardrobe, seeing as she carefully selects the crème de la crème of the season’s latest straight from the world’s top designers.

Sheikha MozahSheikha MozahSheikha MozahSheikha Mozah

Rembrandt Etching From Boston Public library Has Been Found


Boston public library officials say two rare and valuable artworks that vanished last month have been found – and they never left the library.

Library officials say the 1634 Rembrandt etching and 1504 Durer engraving were found on Thursday in the library’s print stacks. Officials say the artworks were misfiled. Both pieces of art that were reported missing in April, an engraving by Albrecht Dürer, valued at about $600,000, and an etching by Rembrandt worth between $20,000 and $30,000, were found Thursday in the library. A spokesperson says they were simply misfiled and found by a conservation officer who had been searching the library’s print stacks. The disappearance of the art pieces eventually led library president Amy Ryan to announce her resignation on Wednesday, effective on 3 July, saying her leaving would end a “distraction”. Mayor Marty Walsh released a statement Wednesday saying he respects Ryan’s decision and “looks forward to working with the Boston Public Library to ensure a smooth transition

Adding to the controversy, a retired library employee later revealed that gold coins have been missing from a Boston Public Library collection, potentially for decades.

The Board of Trustees Boston Public Library detailed new security measures including new locks, cameras, tougher access and inventory management. An outside group hired to do a security assessment is expected to hand in its report at the end of June.



Spike Lee’s Movie–Chiraq


The film, which is reportedly titled “Chiraq”has created a lot of controversy because it compares the city’s violence to the war zones of Iraq. Mayor Rahm Emanuel reportedly expressed his disdain for the title to Lee himself. According to NBC Chicago, Alderman Will Burns also called for the city council to cut Lee’s tax break unless he changes the film’s title. The moniker Chiraq was popularized by Chicago rappers Chief Keef and later used by stars like Kanye West, who was also raised Chi Town.

Spike Lee says “Wait until the movie comes out. You don’t like it, you don’t like, but wait, see it first.” The film is about “Truth,” “justice” and “peace.” Gang violence.

Lee reminded his audience that one of his earliest movies, “Do The Right Thing,” also generated criticism before its 1989 release.

“There were people who said this film is going to cause riots all across America, that black people are going to run amok,” Lee said.


2 Men Arrested For Hacking Photobucket

Snapshotgreen dress6_001

Two men have been arrested in the hacking of Photobucket, and subsequent sale of passwords and protected information, images, and videos. According to the Department of Justice, the app let scammers bypass Photobucket privacy settings and access and copy users private and password protected information, images and videos without authorization.

Both men each face one count of conspiracy, and one count of computer fraud, as well as aiding and abetting—both of which which carry a penalty of no more than five years in federal prison, and up to a $250,000 fine.  If convicted of all four counts, each man could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison, and a $1 million fine.

Technology That Study Art”s Old Masters

A new development gives conservators greater detail about a painting’s hidden layers, while causing less damage to masterpieces. Traditionally, those working on art conservation had to remove a small piece of the artwork in order to observe its inner layers under a microscope.

Researchers from Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology have partnered with the National Gallery in London to develop an instrument capable of non-invasively capturing subsurface details from artwork at a high resolution.

The device improves upon Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), which was originally developed for medical imaging but has also been applied to art conservation. It uses a beam of light to scan the intact painting without removing physical samples, allowing researchers to analyze the painting in depth.

The Raphael test

Project leader Haida Liang and her colleagues used a broadband laser-like light source: a concentrated beam of light containing a wide range of frequencies. The wider frequency range allows for higher resolution and more precise data collection. Such light sources were not commercially available until recently.

The device was tested on a late 16th-century copy of a Raphael painting, housed at the National Gallery in London, and performed well. In fact, in some places the ultra-high resolution OCT setup identified varnish layers that were almost indistinguishable from each other under the microscope.

They were not only able to match the resolution but also to see some of the layer structures with better contrast. As a result of OCT being particularly sensitive to changes in refractive index.

This image shows: After Raphael 1483 – 1520 probably before 1600 Oil on wood 87 x 61.3 cm Wynn Ellis Bequest, 1876 (Credit: © National Gallery, London)

Expensive Fruits

Snapshotwhite7_001business suit4_001

Strawberries Arnaud

strawberriesring The Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Price: $1.4 million
Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

A bowl of strawberries garnished with a 4.7-carat pink diamond ring for $1.4 million. That’s exactly what’s served at the 96-year old Arnaud’s restaurant in New Orleans French quarter. Of course, you don’t just get the strawberries and the ring for your money—there’s a jazz ensemble, too. (Photo: Kit Wohl via MSN)

Densuke Watermelon

densuke 1 The Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Price: $121
Where: Japan

The black-skinned, stripeless Densuke watermelon is reported to have a special type of sweetness. Grown exclusively on Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido, only 100 Densuke are farmed each year. The most expensive one ever sold was a whopping 17 pounds and went for $6,100 at an auction in 2008, making it the priciest watermelon in the world. (Photo: Flickr)


Yubari King Melons

yubari 1 The Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Price: $225 for two
Where: Japan

The price above is actually a bargin, seeing as a pair of Yubari King Melons once went for $23,500 (making them the most expensive fruits in the world). Another product of the island of Hokkaido, the hybrid, orange-fleshed melon is highly prized for its sweetness, and, as Gourmet writes, “beautiful proportions.” The melons are grown in greenhouses and even given “hats” to prevent sunburn. (Photo: Flickr)

Northern Territory Mangos

mango 1 The Most Expensive Fruits in the World

Price: $50,000
Where: Sydney, Australia

In 2012, a tray of 12 Northern Territory mangos sold for $50,000 at an auction in Sydney. The proceeds went to the Prostate Council Foundation of Australia, the Cancer Council of NSW, and OzHarvest. Australia produces a lot of mangoes—7.2 million trays in 2013/2014. (Photo: Flickr)


The Most Fashionable Shoe In Olympics

Trainers prove you’re taking the ‘Fashion Olympics’ seriously - Features - Fashion - The Independent

Seen as the most single most ubiquitous shoe of fashion’s Olympic Games – the four-city international collection circuit that ended two weeks ago – didn’t have a designer label, nor a five-inch heel. It wasn’t uncomfortable, for the most part, and it wasn’t particularly expensive. Yet it was in the front row of all the major shows in every capital, through sun, snow and sleet (God bless British weather). It looking as good on men as on women, and age not an issue.

Tyler Perry Studios Forms Film, TV & Infrastructure Alliance With 4 Other Major Atlanta Studios


The members of a new film and television studio and infrastructure association for Georgia: Tyler Perry Studios, Eagle Rock Studios Atlanta, EUE/Screen Gems Studios Atlanta, Mailing Avenue Stageworks, and Triple Horse Studios.  These 5 large Georgia-based studios have join together to serve as a legislative and educational advocacy group for studio and production support businesses in the Georgia film and television industry. Education of the crew members and development of talent needed to keep clients returning to Georgia will be another key focus.

Georges Hobeika Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Georges Hobeika Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Georges Hobeika Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Georges Hobeika Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Georges Hobeika Couture Spring/Summer 2015 collection

Authentic haute couture craftsmanship is a quintessential signature of the Georges Hobeika fashion house. Exquisite hand-sewn embroideries, hand-tailoring of the finest unique fabrics and pristine finishing attest to the superior execution of every atelier design. Distinguished for his dedication to the timeless art of French couture dressmaking, Georges Hobeika is renowned for his creative and technical talent, which has identified him as one of the most respected couturiers worldwide.

Did You Get Your Code For Patterson’s Book?



For a little under $300,00, one super (rich) fan of James Patterson will have the opportunity to purchase the author’s next book and watch it explode a day after opening it. The self-destructing book is part of a plan to promote Mr. Patterson’s next title, “Private Vegas,” due out Jan. 26 from Little, Brown and Company.

The price tag includes a first-class flight to an undisclosed location, two nights’ stay in a luxury hotel, 14-karat gold-plated binoculars, a five-course dinner with Mr. Patterson and a copy of “Private Vegas” that will self-destruct 24 hours after the purchaser begins reading it. While the details of how the book will explode are being kept secret, the process will involve a bomb squad and a location that could come straight out of a Patterson story.

A 1,000 people will be able to read the book for free. Beginning Wednesday at noon, codes will be released in batches at allowing users to download digital copies of the book, which will self-destruct (a.k.a. delete themselves) 24 hours after the user begins reading.

Films To look For in 2015


In the Heart of the Sea takes inspiration from Herman Melville‘s novel Moby Dick, but is actually based on Nathaniel Philbrick‘s book In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex, which tracks a whaling ship in 1920 that go up against their prey and are stranded at sea. Directed By Ron Howard



Anton Corbijn)


After premiering his latest drama, A Most Wanted Man, at Sundance last year, we thought director Anton Corbijn might return to Park City, but barring any last-minute announcements that looks to not be the case. Hopefully coming later this year, as scripted by Luke Davies, Life centers on the relationship between James Dean (Dane DeHaan) and Life Magazine‘s Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson).

Mojave (William Monahan)


Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Monahan  gangster pic was rough around the edges, but it had no shortage of style and fun performances. The writer has potential behind the camera, and he’s taking his second shot with Mojave, a great script written by Monahan himself. It’s a game of cat and mouse between two equally dangerous men, played by Oscar Isaac and Garret Hedlund. If the final result is half as interesting or exciting as Monahan’s script, then we’re in for a real treat.

Our Kind of Traitor (Susanna White)


After the recent , A Most Wanted Man and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy- John le Carré will once again be hitting screens this year with Our Kind of Traitor. Helmed by Susanna White (who cut her teeth in the world of TV), the drama stars Ewan McGregor, Damian Lewis, Naomie Harris, and Stellan Skarsgård, and we’d expect it to pop on the fall festival circuit. The story follows “a couple who find themselves lured into a Russian oligarch’s plans to defect but are soon positioned between the Russian Mafia and the British Secret Service, neither of whom they can trust.”

Mojave (William Monahan)


Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Monahan has written, a great script written about a game of cat and mouse between two equally dangerous men, played by Oscar Isaac and Garret Hedlund.

A Tale of Love and Darkness (Natalie Portman)


Natalie Portman  upcoming feature film debut, A Tale of Love and Darkness. The content of the film is based on the Amos Oz memoir. Described as, “the story of a boy who grows up in war-torn Jerusalem, in a small apartment crowded with books in twelve languages and relatives speaking nearly as many,” Portman has also taken on duties as the film’s screenwriter and star.

Regression (Alejandro Amenábar; Aug. 28th)


Regression is a thriller Led by Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson,  set in 1990 in Minnesota and follows a detective investigating a girl that has accused her father of an unspeakable crime. The father doesn’t remember what happened, but when a renowned psychologist joins the case, the conspiracy is unraveled. Also starring David Thewlis, David Dencik, Lothaire Bluteau, and Devon Bostick.


The Little Prince (Mark Osborne)


Last year was a great year for animation both on the studio side (The Lego Movie, The Boxtrolls) and on the foreign circuit (The Tale of Princess Kaguya), and this year is looking promising. Near the top of our radar is The Little Prince, a new animated feature that comes from Mark Osborne, the director behind Kung Fu Panda. Based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry‘s famous 1943 novel and adapted by The Boxtrolls Irena Brignull, the story follows a pilot who lands in the desert, but that’s seemingly only one aspect of the story. Featuring a voice cast of Rachel McAdams, Mackenzie Foy, James Franco, Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard, Benicio Del Toro, and Paul Giamatti.

Our Brand Is Crisis (David Gordon Green)


Sandra Bullock recently reteamed with both George Clooney and Warner Bros. for a new project. Produced by Clooney and Grant Heslov, Our Brand is Crisis will, interestingly, feature direction from David Gordon Green (in his first prestige drama). Based on Rachel Boynton‘s documentary chronicling the involvement of James Carville‘s political consulting firm in the 2002 Bolivian presidential election, the script comes from Peter Straughan (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, The Men Who Stare at Goats)

The Light Between Oceans (Derek Cianfrance)


The Place Beyond the Pines, director Derek Cianfrance is heading into adaptation territory for his next drama. From author M. L. Stedman The Light Between Oceans, follows a lighthouse keeper on a remote island in Australia who with his wife rescues a baby they find in a rowboat and raise it as their own. Led by Michael Fassbender, Rachel Weisz, and Alicia Vikander.

A Bigger Splash (Luca Guadagnino)


A Bigger Splash is Described as a “sexy thriller” set on the island of Pantelleria, it’s a remake of 1969 French picture, La Piscine, following an uneasy triangle that forms between a couple and a younger woman during the couple’s vacation, leading to a sinister end. Starring Tilda Swinton, Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, and Matthias Schoenaerts, we’re crossing our fingers for a Cannes debut.

Triple Nine (John Hillcoat; Sept. 11th)


Following his crime drama Lawless, director John Hillcoat‘s long-gestating crime drama Triple Nine, featuring Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Aaron Paul, Kate Winslet, Norman Reedus, Gal Gadot,Teresa Palmer, Woody Harrelson, Anthony Mackie, and Clifton Collins Jr

The Revenant (Alejandro González Iñárritu; Dec. 25th)


About a frontiersman who takes revenge on the men who left him to die after he becomes mortally wounded in a bear attack, Leonardo DiCaprio will do just fine. It should be interesting to see how what Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu does with the harrowing survival tale, which also stars Tom Hardy, Will Poulter (The Maze Runner), and Domhnall Gleeson (Frank).


Ricki and the Flash (Jonathan Demme; Aug. 7th)

Meryl Streep

A movie written by Diablo Cody and Jonathan Demme‘s first narrative feature since 2008?  Ricki and the Flash, which stars Meryl Streep as a rocker who attempts to reconnect with her family. With production recently wrapped and a release date set, this should out this summer.

Beasts of No Nation (Cary Fukunaga)


Beasts of No Nation, which is centered around a child fighter caught up in the struggle of “an unnamed african country.” Details are scarce, but we do know Idris Elba will take the lead and the marriage of Fukunaga and Elba with this subject matter has the potential to be something dynamic.

Untitled Cold War Thriller (Steven Spielberg; Oct. 16th)


Directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by the Coen brothers, starring Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan, and Alan Alda. Spielberg returns to real-world politics, following the tremendous successes of Munich and Lincoln, to tell the story of James Donovan, an attorney sent by the CIA on the impossible mission of orchestrating the release of a downed American pilot in the Cold War. I can’t think of the last time such high-level filmmakers decided to write a script for one of their peers in this fashion, so there must be some real firepower behind this idea.

Untitled Crime Drama (Steve McQueen)


The film in question is based on the British series Widows, which centered on four widows who come together to finish a robbery after their crooked husbands are killed on the job. Said to be “a contemporary, hard-hitting, very grounded gangster film” we already have images of Jean-Pierre Melville and Jules Dassin dancing in our head.










Whats New In Film

Snapshotpingreen8_001Martin Scorsese has enjoyed working with one lead actor over and over again. That actor was Robert De Niro. In the last two decades, it was Leonardo DiCaprio. However, the three have never worked together on a feature film.

Scorsese directed the commercials, which star DiCaprio and De Niro as themselves. These are basically trailers for a short film called The Audition that will also bring Brad Pitt into the mix. Yes, it’s a Martin Scorsese directed short starring DiCaprio, De Niro and Pitt. And rumor has it, each actor made over $10 million for the work.

Yelp Reviews Of Historical Monuments


Neuschwanstein Castle, Schwangau, Germany

  • Jtb-photo-getty-neuschwanstein-castle

    From a one-star review by Marcus K.

    Image: JTB Photo
  • Big Ben, Westminster, England


    From a one-star review by Temi.

    Image: Andrea Baldo
  • Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France


    From a one-star review by John S.

    Image: Flickr, mickou
  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


    From a two-star reveiew by Stephanie T.

    Image: Yasuyoshi Chiba
  • The Colosseum, Rome, Italy


    From a two-star review by a Qype user.

    Image: Filippo Monteforte
  • Ellis Island, New York City, New York


    From a two-star review by Nancy R.

    Image: Mike Derer/Associated Press
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy


    From a two-star review by Justin B.

    Image: Luca Bruno/Associated Press
  • Sistine Chapel, Vatican City


    From a two-star review by Andrew W.

    Image: Flickr, cking
  • Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England


    From a one-star review by Savier M.

    Image: Flickr, laszlo-photo
  • Windsor Castle, Windsor, England


    From a one-star review by a Qype user.

    Image: Flickr, joanet

Sony Walkman NW-ZX2


The Sony Walkman NW-ZX2 costs almost $1,120.00 and delivers a hi-res audio for hard-core music lovers with trained ears. Meaning, people who love listening to music in high definition will benefit from it. The pricing sums up to quality. The device has a better bass and “improved sense of stereo” due to better audio components, such as an improved power supply and the use of a large capacity Li-ion battery. It also supports “any kind of format that you can throw at it.” The New Walkman unlike the old-school cassette player type supports NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has a standard storage space of 128 GB. The device is expected out this spring

Fashion Force, The App That Will Change How You Shop

Snapshotblack dress_001

Fashion Force is an app that will help you decide what to buy at retail stores. The app uses a combination of dressing rooms with photo-sphere mirrors and 360-degree cameras —and fashion experts via the Community Cloud platform— to advise the user on the best items to purchase. Artful Gentleman in Mid-Market is one of the first stores to participate in partnership with the app’s official rollout on February 9th.The store is equipped with the Fashion force-supplied technology with the hope that SF customers will be early adopters to use photos and input to make shopping decisions. While customers shop, Fashionforce and Artful Gentleman can collect valuable data. In return, the app can offer more options in the store based on what the shopper has already chosen to try. The data can also help inform the store on future collections based on what their customers want to wear.

Other stores like Rebecca Minkoff and the Bloomingdale’s at Stanford Shopping Center are attempting similar ventures with their eBay-powered dressing rooms and tech screens. The added time and effort with using these shopping platforms may eventually pay off with an underlying efficiency: shoppers discover new items quickly, and retailers focus on making and ordering pieces that customers want.

Two Nordstrom locations, one in Seattle, the other in San José, the upscale retailer is about to provide customers with technology by eBay to help you make decisions in your fitting room. Nordstrom will test full-length mirrors that, with the tap of a customer’s finger, turn into interactive screens, effectively creating smart fitting rooms.

The idea is to bring tech to an untapped part of a store where many customers ultimately make their purchasing decisions: the fitting room.

Bloomingdale’s, the upscale chain owned by Macy’s Inc has recently began trying out smart fitting rooms, equipped with wall-mounted iPads rather than Nordstrom’s interactive mirrors, at five of its stores.

Dubai International Film Festival 2014



The 11th annual Dubai International Film Festival will open on December 10 with James Marsh’s critically acclaimed biopic of British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything.

The movie premiered at September’s Toronto International Film Festival, and immediately triggered a frenzy of Oscar predictions, with Marsh, the lead actors Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, the music composer Jóhann Jóhannsson and the film’s producers and writer tipped for awards. Into the Woods, (a musical comedy) which will receive its first screening outside of the United States. It will be the second time in as many months that a Disney movie will have closed a major film festival in the UAE, following animated adventure Big Hero 6’s starring role, also an international premiere, at Abu Dhabi Film Festival in November. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, director J J Abrams announced this week that a special teaser trailer will be released in select cinemas on Friday, November 28. There will be 118 features, shorts and documentaries from 48 countries, in 34 languages, during the eight days of the festival, including 44 world premieres.


The Frasier star Kelsey Grammer will be at this year’s event, attending the red carpet world premiere of his new banking comedy Breaking the Bank.

The Into the Woods star Blunt looks set for a busy week. As well as attending the screening of her film, the Devil Wears Prada star will sit on the jury for the third IWC Filmmaker Award, which offers a US$100,000 (Dh367,000) cash prize to the winning filmmaker. Last year’s award recipient Waleed Al Shehhi’s film Dolphins will debut at this year’s festival on December 12.

Other celebrities joining this year’s judging panels include the Factory Girl director Mohamed Khan, who will be joined on the Muhr Shorts and Emirati section by the Emirati filmmaker Mohammed Hassan Ahmed. The Muhr Feature panel will be headed by Lee Daniels, the producer and director of the Oscar-winning Precious and The Butler. He will be joined by the Dutch cinematographer and film director Leonard Retel Helmrich, the Algerian director Malik Bensmail, the Oscar-nominated actress Virginia Madsen and the Lebanese actress and director Nadine Labaki.

Other highlights of the red-carpet gala screening at Madinat Jumeirah include Russell Crowe’s directorial debut The Water Diviner on December 11, the Benicio del Toro starrer Escobar: Paradise Lost on December 13 and The Imitation Game, in which Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the British Second World War Enigma code-cracker and computing pioneer Alan Turing. The film, also starring Keira Knightley, has sparked debate about its factual accuracy – because the national hero is portrayed as a Soviet spy.

On December 14, Diff will partner with Dubai Cares for the fourth year to host the charitable Global Gift Gala. It will be held in support of the Eva Longoria Foundation, which provides education and entrepreneurship opportunities to Latin-American women; the Sunrise K’ Foundation, which raises awareness of childhood glaucoma; and the Global Gift Foundation. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to the Egyptian actor Nour El Sherif, for his five-decade career, during which he has worked on more than 100 films.

The 11th Dubai International Film Festival runs from December 10 to 17. For more information and the full schedule, visit

Chanel’s News


Pharrell Williams & Cara Delevingne will be the face of the next Métiers d’Art 2014/15 campaign Paris-Salzburg wich will be unveiled in Salzburg on December 2nd. The advertising campaign will be shot by Karl Lagerfeld and released in May 2015.

Reincarnation” is the title of the video-clip created and directed by Karl Lagerfeld to accompany the CHANEL Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection to be shown on December 2nd, 2014 in Salzburg, Austria. This new short film was the perfect opportunity for Karl Lagerfeld to develop an artistic collaboration with Pharrell Williams, a close friend of the House and personal friend of the designer. Pharrell Williams composed and wrote the lyrics to “CC The World,” the original soundtrack for Reincarnation, and he also plays one of the lead roles and will be, along with Cara Delevingne, the face of the upcoming campaign of the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art collection. Reincarnation will be screened in Salzburg and on on December 1st, 2014 the night before the Paris-Salzburg 2014/15 Métiers d’art show.  Karl Lagerfeld directs here the Geraldine Chaplin and Pharrell Williams to imagine a new episode from the life of Gabrielle Chanel. Gabrielle Chanel is holidaying in the suburbs of Salzburg in 1954 when she meets at her hotel a young lift-boy whose jacket would later inspire the iconic Chanel jacket

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