Models present creations by German designer Karl Lagerfeld as part of his Fall/Winter 2016/2017 women’s ready-to-wear collection for fashion house Chanel at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, March 8, 2016. [Photo/Agencies]

Models present creations by German designer Karl Lagerfeld as part of his Fall/Winter 2016/2017 women’s ready-to-wear collection for fashion house Chanel at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, March 8, 2016. [Photo/Agencies]

US Vogue editor Anna Wintour leaves tthe Chanel Fall/Winter 2016/2017 women’s ready-to-wear collection show at the Grand Palais in Paris, France, March 8, 2016. [Photo/Agencies]

SewBo The Robotic Sewing Machine

Is This Sewing Robot The Future Of Fashion?

[Photos: Zack DeZon]

Jonathan  Zornow  created Sewbo, a process that chemically stiffens fabrics in order to allow automated sewing robots to produce a full garment. Presently, factories rely on humans to guide fabrics through machines and weave them through assembly lines. The apparel industry, just moved from the U.S. to the other side of the Pacific where low labor costs helped meet consumer demands for more inexpensive goods. Sewbo is only a year old, but Zornow says he is already fielding dozens of inquiries from overseas factories, where almost all of the clothes on U.S. backs are now made. Domestic apparel manufacturing fell from 50% in 1994 to roughly 3% in 2015, reports the American Apparel & Footwear Association. That means 97% of clothing sold in the U.S. is imported.

Zornow realized that if he stiffened the fabrics by soaking them in liquid polymers, they could be turned into thermoplastic composites and treated like hard materials. And robots need hard materials.

“They’re stiff as a board, but they can be molded: You can apply heat and reshape them, and when they cool down, they’ll hold their shape,” explains Zornow. The machine sews through the stiffened fabric to produce a perfectly finished product. (The process can be used with any sewing machine and most robotic arms, which generally cost about $35,000.) Afterwards, the polymers can be easily washed off with water, no detergent necessary.

 There are, however, some limitations. Since the material needs to be completely wet, certain fabrics such as wools or leather are out of the question. But overall, even dry-clean-only goods like silks can go through the process. During a demo, it took roughly 30 minutes for the Sewbo process to complete a T-shirt, but Zornow believes it will take less time once it’s put on a manufacturing assembly line.
realized that if he stiffened the fabrics by drenching them in liquid polymers, they could be turned into thermoplastic composites and treated like hard materials. And robots need hard materials. 

Luxurious Dining

  SubliMotion, Ibiza, Spain

    Ultraviolet, Shanghai, China

                                                      Le Pré Catelan, Paris

  • Ice Restaurant, United Arab Emirates

    Ice Restaurant, United Arab Emirates

    This bone-chilling restaurant is made completely of ice. From the benches to the bar, everything is below freezing — so don’t forget your coat!

    • A380 In-flight Kitchen, Taiwan

      A380 In-flight Kitchen, Taiwan

      If you can’t get enough of airplanes and the “yummy” food you are given on them, A380 In-flight Kitchen is for you. The restaurant is designed to mirror that of the interior of an airplane (although the food is a little bit more elaborate, obviously).

      • Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

        Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

        You can experience this beautiful view at the Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives. Located 5 meters below sea level, you can eat your seafood and watch it too.

      • Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

        Dinner in the Sky, Belgium

        Sitting at 150 feet above the ground, patrons get a dining experience out of this world at Dinner in the Sky. Diners are strapped into chairs and served meals while enjoying breathtaking views of the Brussels skyline.


      • Berggasthaus Aescher, Switzerland

        Berggasthaus Aescher, Switzerland

        Located 4,770 feet above sea level, Berggasthaus Aescher is a hotel that rewards its hikers with amazing food and breathtaking views. Don’t worry, there’s a cable car that can bring you back down so your full belly can relax.


      • Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

        Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

        Only open for lunch, this buffet style restaurant can get a little wet. Although the falls are not from a natural waterfall (it’s spill over from the Labassin Dam)

        Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

        Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

Google Explore For Foodies


You’ll now be able to explore even more places related to your search terms, thanks to one of Google Maps’ most popular features. Google has integrated part of the Explore feature of Google Maps into its core web search. It recently came to desktop Google Search results after arriving first on mobile devices, where the Explore feature made its debut  as part of Google Maps.If you’re a foodie, for example, and you search “chicken sandwich,” you’ll see a carousel-style widget under a new heading entitled “Discover more places,” where you discover places that a fried chicken aficionado might want to frequent.

Anticipated Films For 2017

Snapshotblack dress_001

Sundance Film Festival 2017

La Barracuda (Jason Cortlund & Julia Halperin)
What It’s About: A strange woman comes to Texas to meet her half-sister and stake a claim to the family music legacy-one way or another.

For Akheem (Jeremy Levine and Landon Van Soest)
What It’s About: Beginning one year before the fatal police shooting of a Black teenager in nearby Ferguson, Missouri, For Ahkeem is the coming-of-age story of Daje Shelton, a Black 17-year-old girl in North St. Louis. She fights for her future as she is placed in an alternative high school and navigates the marginalized neighborhoods, biased criminal justice policies and economic devastation that have set up many Black youth like her to fail.

Untitled Kathryn Bigelow Detroit Project (Kathryn Bigelow)
What It’s About: A crime drama set against the backdrop of Detroit’s devastating riots that took place over five haunting summer days in 1967.

Get Out (Jordan Peele)
What It’s About: A young African American man visits his white girlfriend’s family estate where he learns that many of its residents, who are black, have gone missing, and he soon learns the horrible truth when another frantic African-American warns him to “get out.” He soon learns this is easier said than done.

The Strange Ones (Lauren Wolkstein and Chris Radcliffe)
What It’s About: Mysterious events surround two brothers as they travel across a remote American landscape. What appears to be a simple vacation soon gives way to a more complicated and darker truth.

Where is Kyra? (Andrew Dosunmu)
What It’s About: Pushed to the brink after losing her job, a woman struggles to survive. As the months pass and her troubles deepen, she embarks on a perilous and mysterious journey that threatens to usurp her life.

Casting Jon Benet (Kitty Green)
What It’s About: The unsolved death of six-year-old American beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey remains the world’s most sensational child murder case. Over 15 months, responses, reflections and performances were elicited from the Ramsey’s Colorado hometown community, creating a bold work of art from the collective memories and mythologies the crime inspired.

It Comes at Night (Trey Edward Shults)
What It’s About: A father will stop at nothing to protect his wife and son from a malevolent, mysterious presence terrorizing them right outside their doorstep.

Lemon (Janicza Bravo)
What It’s About: A man whose blind girlfriend is leaving him, whose career is going nowhere and whose family is disappointed in him—Isaac Lachmann is 40. He doesn’t know how he got there. Things were supposed to work out differently.

Thirst Street (Nathan Silver)
What It’s About: A darkly funny neurotic thriller, Thirst Street tells the twisted story of Gina, an American flight attendant who falls in with a Parisian bartender on a layover only to find herself tangled in a web of deception, delusion and unrequited l’amour fou.

Whose Streets (Sabaah Folayan, Sabaah Jordan)
What It’s About: A nonfiction account of the Ferguson uprising told by the people who lived it, this is an unflinching look at how the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown inspired a community to fight back—and sparked a global movement.

Mudbound (Dee Rees)
What It’s About: In the post–World War II South, two families are pitted against a barbaric social hierarchy and an unrelenting landscape as they simultaneously fight the battle at home and the battle abroad. This epic pioneer story is about friendship, heritage and the unending struggle for and against the land.


Food & Dining Trends 2017


Google, uberEats, Amazon Prime Now,Postmates, Grub Hub, Yelp are middlemen connecting restaurants and customers … collecting fees and personal information about who orders what, when and from which restaurants … valuable additions to what they already know about you.uberEats gets a limited menu to your curb in ten

minutes … by preloading food into drivers’ cars. Amazon’s Prime Now app gets entire
menus delivered in an hour (39 minutes in Seattle). Postmates Pop app promises 15 minutes in San Franciso.
Danger for restaurants: Suppose customers are craving barbecued ribs … and sites like
Amazon or Uber or Google gave them a dozen restaurants and gourmet shops near their
zip code … and suppose they included professional reviews of these producers, and suppose they ranked rib restaurants according to some mysterious algorithm that works against certain restaurants? Poof! Restaurants lose marketing control of their businesses.
Big Restaurants are all of a sudden dumping some artificial (and other bad for you) ingredients from their menus We’re looking at the “healthification” of fast and fast
casual food. A recent survey found that 36% of consumers worried about”chemicals” in their food … in another survey, 40% of consumers report it’s “very important” that foods use all natural ingredients, free of GMOs and artificial flavors or colors.
Panera Bread listed more than 150 artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives that it will send into exile by the end of 2016. McDonald’s is ridding its chickens of antibiotics used by humans. Chick fil A will take until 2019. Panera’s and Chipotle’s chickens are already free Those antibiotics … cheap ways of fattening animals … reduce their effectiveness in humans.
Subway over the next ten years will rid its meats of antibiotics and no longer use azodicarbonamide in its bread, a dough conditioner used in yoga mats and shoe rubber.
Dunkin Donuts will give the heave ho to titanium dioxide,a whitening agent used in paints.

In the last five years pasta sales dropped 8% in Australia, 13% in Europe 25% in Italy. It isn’t a crisis here yet but pasta’s down 6% as Americans focus on proteins and shed carbs .or shun gluten  or subscribe to Paelo dining. Even carboholics have more nutritious alternatives  quinoa, chickpeas,lentils, spelt, barley, chia. So it looks like a trend.

Chefs will experiment with vegetables ribbons zucchini, asparagus, beets, sweet potatoes for example replacing pasta.
There’s a resurgence of Jewish food.
The (dash) signifies we’re talking about chef driven modern Jewish cookery  or even modern Jewish heresy  rather than heavyweight Eastern European dishes.
Shake Shack made headlines this year with a limited release of a fairly conventional Chicken Shack sandwich  and David Chang did, too, with an incendiary sandwich at
Fuku perhaps a nascent chain. They follow an emerging obsession. No longer just southern, fried chicken sandwiches have gone creative  and ethnic. In Fuku’s case you’re munching on a mammoth boneless thigh marinated in habane purée, buttermilk, and Changian spices, deep fried topped with some acidic vegetable Barbecue maven Mighty Quinn smokes its thighs before frying topped with fermented chilies garlic lime sauce on brioche with pickled cucumbers and pickled celery for crunch.
Chicken Flavor of the Year: Nashville Hot A cult favorite that’s spreading across
the country  meant to burn your lips for days on end. Like buffalo wings, Nashville
Hot Chicken is dunked in hot sauce after frying; but it ain’t plain old hot sauce
Piri piri peppers (African birdseye chili) gain notoriety as Nando’s Chicken chain
expands in the US the pepper blended with tamer spices, herbs, citrus peels used as bbq rubs or as bases for piquant sauces.

Spice of the year:Turmeric