Unusual Sneakers

The shoe was created to last the length of a marathon, and nothing more. And also unlike expensive retros that probably couldn’t even make it through a marathon, these were actually priced accordingly – $50.

Rick Owens’ sneakers have largely followed the blueprint of taking classic styles and exaggerating the proportions. But his infamous “Sailboat” trainers have one of the most unique silhouettes in sneaker history, and basically look like triangles laying on their side.

Places You Just Can’t Go & Visit



Lascaux Caves in Southwest France


These 20,000 year old cave paintings were being damaged by exhaled CO2 from tourists so the French Government shut them down.


North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands


Inhabited by between 50 and 400 Sentilese who tend to rain arrows down on the heads of foreign amabassadors trying to make contact, they have now been protected by the Indian Government.


 Ise Grand Shrine, Japan


In existence since 4BC only priests and priestesses of the royal family are allowed in. The shrine is demolished and rebuilt every 20 years in keeping with the Shinto idea of death and rebirth.


Club 33, Disneyland


 Pay a $25,000 initiation fee and $10,000 annually for membership then you can join Club 33, one of the world’s most exclusive and secretive dinner clubs found in the middle of the happiest place on Earth.


 Metro 2, Under Moscow


Supposedly built by Stalin for the Russian Secret Service and top government officials, this rumored secret subway has never been proven to exist although people who worked on it have been interviewed.


 Mount Weather, Virginia


48 miles outside of Washington DC in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Not much has been said of the place apart from a short TIME magazine interview of one of its retired engineers.


Vatican Secret Archives, Italy


  Although you can’t enter you can view any document that is older than 75 years. Today it is said that they have more than 50 miles of shelving.


White’s Gentleman Club, England


No, it’s not racist. At least not to our knowledge. It’s the most exclusive club in England and it only caters to royalty and other men in powerful positions.



Room 39, North Korea


Found in the capital city of Pyongyang, this a secretive government facility


 RAF Menwith Hill, England


Run by the Royal Air Force in conjunction with the NSA, this place is said to be the most powerful and extensive monitoring station in the world.


Coca Cola recipe vault, Georgia


There have always been rumors about Coca Cola’s secret recipe and in 2011 it was supposedly retrieved from its vault at SunTrust Bank and transferred a few minutes down the street to the new World of Coca Cola exhibit. Visitors can now see the vault complete with all of its security.


Area 51, Nevada


 Area 51.


Mezhgorye, Russia


This town in Russia is closed by the government and is believed to house employees working on Mount Yamantaw, the location of what NATO suspects to be a large nuclear facility.


 Snake Island, Brazil


Just off the coast of Brazil this snake infested island lives up to its name and is off limits to visitors courtesy of the Brazilian Navy. Supposedly it is home to over 5,000 highly venomous snakes.


 Surtsey, Iceland


Among the planet’s youngest places, this North Atlantic island emerged from the waves following an extended volcanic eruption in the 1960′s.  Only a few scientists have ever been allowed to venture there.



Secret Places



Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, Italy-Ristorante Grotta Palazzese, nestled in the caves of Polignano a Mare beach, said to be one of the greatest places to eat in all of Italy





Albarracín is a beautifully preserved medieval village in Northern Spain.

Aescher, Switzerland


Aescher hotel is so high up on the Appenzellerland mountains that you have to hike or get a cable car to reach it. Amenities are intentionally basic. The Food is hearty.

Þingvallavatn Lake, Iceland


Dior’s Couture Miniature Pieces



The exhibition titled “Le Petit Théâtre Dior” featuring 60 dresses in twelve installations, all of them meticulously resembling the original designs in every tiny detail. Every miniature piece is produced based on a cotton toile in the purest haute couture tradition and needs the same precision and rigor as its big sister. The inspiration behind the exhibition comes from “Le Petit Théâtre de la Mode,” a 1945 display of miniature dresses from the greatest couturiers of the time. The showcase originally paid homage to the glory of French Haute Couture after the war, with the list of featured designers including Lucien Lelong, for whom Christian Dior was working for at the time. In fact, Christian Dior is believed to have helped Lelong to make some of the outfits for the 1945 exhibit, just two years before creating his legendary “New Look” in 1947.

Such intricate work

Nilofer Shahid Of The Design House Meeras

Snapshotgreen dress6_001

Nilofer Shahid  (No longer shows her collections ) was awarded with Le Grade De Chevalier Dan L’ordre Des Arts Et Des Lettres on May 27, 2014 by the French government at the Governor House in Lahore. HE Mr Philippe Thiebaud, the French ambassador to Pakistan conferred the award upon the designer for her contributions to the development of art, culture and fashion design.

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Hologramed Sweets



Lausanne-based Morphotonix has found a way to etch microstructures into chocolate that refract light to produce holographic images. there is no stickers, no additives, no paint. The holograms work similar to those etched into credit cards, except these are edible. Microscopic patterns are carved into a master mold made from metal. That mold in turn is used to create a plastic mold in which the chocolate is poured. Dark and milk chocolate varieties have been made, but not all chocolate is made the same.

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Fashionware 2014


The GER MOOD SWEATER interprets emotion and displays excitement levels instantly with an illuminated collar. It is a whimsical approach to new forms of communication inspired by the body.

The Mood Sweater in currently on tour with Futurotextiles 3 photo by Roger Dyckmans


How it works
SENSOREE has crafted a soft sensor design called the The GER: Galvanic Extimacy Responder, as it promotes extimacy – externalized intimacy. The sensors are located on the hands and reads excitement levels and then, translates the data into a palette of affective colors. The design of the bowl shaped, high collar is positioned with LEDs that reflects onto the self for instant biofeedback as well as act as a tele-display or external blush for the other. Located around the larynx, the visual interface replaces speaking, as the wearer’s truths are instantly expressed with color.

Currently taking pre-orders for a limited edition run of 100! 

MoodSweaterskristin neidlinger design concept
Scott Minneman, Anthony Asterisk, Erik Johnson electronic
Roger Dyckmans running pink/excited photo
Gabi Carneiro blue/calm  photo
Defne Beyce red/nervous photos
Phil Martin video
Katie Scarlett talent

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